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Make it your place.

What would it look like to have your own space outside your home and traditional office? XSpace is revolutionizing the way we think about space. Whether you are rightsizing, looking for a place to build your business, scaling your investments or simply following your passion: XSpace offers multi-use commercial condos that suit your needs. It’s freedom expressed on your terms.

The only one of its kind, XSpace is about self-fulfillment, desire, ownership, a sound investment, a place to be, to work, take friends to, to enjoy and to be proud of. All with complete ease of access, flexible usage and a community of great people like yourself.

Embracing change.

Change is the only constant. Society and demographics are changing. More so than ever, we are realizing we live in times of unprecedented change. The way businesses operate is shifting. Flexible working and rapid scaling are the new norm. How we invest is changing in a low interest environment is evolving into a new normal work/life balance

Expression on your own terms..

Our identity is an expression of who we are. Enabling freedom by showing people
how to use space in new ways and follow their passions. We are expressive and boldly multi-dimensional. And we are clear who we are not: XSpace is not another self-storage solution. We are a lifestyle choice defined by your self-expression and passions.

Exploring your 3rd space options.

We put the X in our logo for a reason. The X in our name stands for all you can imagine and fueled by your creativity and passions. It is as multi-facetted as the diversity of our owner base. Re-think space outside of your home and a traditional office. Take the X and explore the meaning of having a 3rd space.

Equity in something you can be proud of.

The equity we build is rooted in the strength of our brand. XSpace is expanding
rapidly scaling to 100 locations in the US over the next 10 years. This is a high demand asset class with a diverse tenant profile and year 1 cap rates estimated from 6-8%. The ease of management and affordable entry point are the foundation for investment.

XSpace is more than a physical space you make your place. Owning an XSpace unit is joining a community of people who enjoy who they are and love what they do: Diverse, premium in all aspects and a celebration of freedom on their terms.

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