Uncategorized July 13, 2020

Redefining space.

XSpace is redefining the way we think about space. It is about self-fulfillment, desire, ownership, a sound investment, a place to be, to work, to take friends to.. and a place to enjoy and be proud of. All with complete ease of access, flexible usage and a community of great people like yourself.

XSpace is a family of entrepreneurs, collectors and thought leaders and is changing the way we think about space. Whether you are rightsizing, looking to build your business, scaling an investment portfolio or simply following your passion: XSpace offers multi-use condos that suit your commercial needs. Complete with a community work, conference and event space overlooking Lake Travis, this unique asset class offers ease of access, flexible usage and a progressive, creative community of freedom chasers and entrepreneurs.

This is a high demand asset class within an ecosystem challenged by a very high barrier to entry. XSpace offers an affordable entry point, diverse tenant profile and low stress management so you can enjoy your passion or focus on your business, not managing real estate, lease expirations or landlords. 

Here is some basic info: XSpace Project Overview

As we ramp up marketing for our groundbreaking late summer, the developers have agreed to release Phase One pricing and availability. *Please note, when construction commences onsite, this early bird “pre-construction” pricing will no longer be available as pricing will adjust with sales velocity.* Groundbreaking late summer. Pre-construction pricing available now starting at $95k *
Phase One Early Bird “Pre-Construction” Pricing:
Type A (250-500sf) $90,000 – $200,000
Type B (501-700sf) $190,000 – $250,000
Type C (701-900sf) $240,000 – $300,000
HOA $.20 – $.21/ FT
Utilities Individual meter reads for electricity and water/wastewater is shared.
Exclusively sold by DEN Property Group
For more info visit xpsacegroup.com